Life. Inspired. Photography.

I'm Patrick Kilburn, and I live in the Toronto area in Canada.

With great enthusiasm, I took up photography as a hobby when we started a family, and I've been helplessly captivated by the enjoyment - and challenge it brings - ever since!  I feel fortunate to have enjoyed opportunities over the years, both nearby and abroad, to collect images which have intrigued me in some way or another. It has been a joy to look around and take in the world around us, and to build an image collection that motivates me to continue learning - and capturing.

It's a beautiful marble we live on, after all...

Thanks for dropping in! Should one or more of my photos interest you, they are available for purchase in a variety of 'ready to use' art formats offered via highly reputable US and EU production houses. Full-resolution digital downloads are also available, if you'd prefer to create your own art in-house. Simply click on any 'BUY' icon to get started. Located here in Canada? I've made some great connections with quality production houses nearby! For wall art, paper or other photo product enquiries, please reach out to me directly via my CONTACT button. I'm keen to explore options with you, and make recommendations that would complement your home or workspace... I'd love to hear from you!


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