I'm Patrick Kilburn, and I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

With great enthusiasm, I took up photography as a hobby when we started a family, and I've been helplessly captivated by the enjoyment - and challenge that it brings - ever since!  I feel fortunate to have enjoyed opportunities over the years, both near and far, to capture moments and images which have intrigued me. It has been a privilege to take in this world around us, and to build a collection of images which drives me to continue my journey of learning and understanding. I have worked events over the years, but my real passion lies in exploring nature, travel and landscape photography; finding precious moments whenever and wherever I can to just sling my gear over my shoulder and capture what may appear. 

It's a beautiful marble we live on...

My professional aspirations began years ago, when a photo of mine was licensed for a full page feature article placement in AAA's Highroads magazine. My work has since been proudly displayed in commercial spaces and in fine homes as wall art decor.  To keep my creative juices flowing in this fast-paced and dynamic world, I participate on social media, join in for community photo walks and enter photography contests, providing me with valuable opportunities to connect with fellow photographers and content creators in a fascinating world I've loved becoming a part of.

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About my gear:

I am a long-time and proud Olympus (now OM System) user.  My foray into hobby photography began 22 years ago in the early digital camera era with my purchase of an Olympus Camedia C-3030 consumer-oriented fixed lens model. I remember immediately became hooked by the combination of its lens quality and feature set. Looking back, many of my most treasured 'young family years' photos were captured with that very capable little camera.

As my photography skills (and my addiction) grew, I invested in 'pro' glass and flagship Olympus cameras such as the OMD E-M1 series and now the rebranded OM System OM-1. To my eye, it's a perfect system for my needs: a lightweight yet highly capable and rugged professional design that's technologically and optically superb. I simply love to use it at every opportunity, and I keep my 'grab and go' gear ready for moments when I feel the urge to capture more of our beautiful and fascinating world. A frequent occurrence I'll admit! 

Thank you for dropping in!

Should one or more of my photos interest you, they are available for purchase in a variety of 'ready to use' art formats offered via highly reputable US and EU production houses. Simply click on any 'BUY' icon to get started. Located here in Canada? I've made some great connections with quality production houses near me. For wall art or fine art prints, please reach out to me directly. I'm keen to explore options with you, and make recommendations that would complement your home or workspace.

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